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About Us

History of ECHO

For five decades, ECHO has been a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of professional-grade, hand-held outdoor power equipment for both the commercial and homeowner markets.

Today, the company sells its products in North America through eight distributors managing 6,600 independent dealers. An additional 24 Latin American distributors sell ECHO products through a variety of channels. ECHO products can be found in Home Depot stores in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The company prides itself on setting the industry standard with its dedication to new technology, quality products and its strong distribution infrastructure.


Our corporate philosophy, and that of our parent company Yamabiko, is to "Create the bridge that bonds people and nature with the future". Our philosophy is formed from three elements starting with "Essence" which incorporates both “Purpose of Existence” and “Code of Conduct”. It expresses our outlook as a company that grows its business by striving to sustain a healthy environment today and for the future, for people all over the world. “Purpose of Existence” sets out the role and responsibilities of employees in society, and makes a commitment to this within four core beliefs: offer the best products and service, support people and companies committed to sustaining nature and the environment, lead the industry, and provide a sense of fulfillment to all our stakeholders. “Code of Conduct” defines the attitude of each ECHO and Yamabiko employee in relation to their work. This includes observing change, combining fact with theory, breaking the status quo, thinking and acting with vitality, and conducting oneself with sincerity and grace.